Histories, Practices, and Policies of Disability: International, Comparative, and Transdisciplinary Perspectives 8th Annual ALTER Conference

Today, disability is understood as a multidimensional phenomenon, specific construction, and multifaceted field of research that is researched internationally, comparatively and across disciplines. In Germany, Disability Studies is a relatively young field of research. In international and European countries, on the other hand, there is a longer, extremely diverse research tradition.

For the first time in German-speaking countries, ALTER, the European Society for Disability Research, based in Paris, organised its 8th Annual Conference 2019 at the University of Cologne. This conference entitled, „Histories, Practices and Policies of Disability”, brought over 150 scientists together to discuss international, comparative and transdisciplinary perspectives on disability. The participants represented a broad spectrum of international research on disability in the cultural and social sciences.

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