Volume 16 (Karim)

Karim, Sarah: Work and disability. Practices of subjectification in sheltered workshops and inclusive companies

Bielefeld: transcript
2021, 290 p.
kart., 39,00 Euro
ISBN: 978-3-8376-5607-

How we work has a high impact on how we define ourselves as subjects. Certainly this is also true for persons with learning difficulties, who mostly work in sheltered workshops or inclusive companies. Sarah Karims ethnography – following sociological Disability Studies, subjectification and practice theories – analyses how work practices have effects on employees´ actions and self-conceptions. It is shown that persons with learning difficulties face ambivalent requirements at work. Therefore, they develop individual and creative practices to meet the challenges of particularisation and inclusion.

Sarah Karim (Dr. phil.) is a sociologist. She teaches and researches at the University of Cologne. Her main focus is on Disability Studies, sociology of disability, practice theory, ethnography and research on subjectification.