Volume 16 (Karim)

Karim, Sarah: Work and disability. Practices of subjectification in sheltered workshops and inclusive companies

Bielefeld: transcript
2021, 290 p.
kart., 39,00 Euro
ISBN: 978-3-8376-5607-

The way we work influences our self-conceptions. Certainly, this also applies to persons with learning difficulties who often work in sheltered workshops or inclusive companies. Sarah Karim´s ethnographical research uses sociological Disability Studies as well as subjectification and practice theories in order to analyse work practices and their effect on employees´ actions and self-conceptions. Her results demonstrate that persons with learning difficulties experience ambivalent working conditions of particularisation and inclusion, a challenging situation that these individuals meet by developing their own unique and creative practices.


Sarah Karim (Dr. phil.) is a sociologist. She teaches at the University of Cologne. Her research focuses on: Disability Studies, sociology of disability, practice theory, ethnography and subjectification.