Volume 1 (Waldschmidt|Schneider)

Anne Waldschmidt, Werner Schneider (eds.): Disability studies, sociology of culture, and sociology of disability: Investigations in a new research field

Bielefeld: transcript
May 2007, 348 p.
29,80 Euro
ISBN: 978-3-89942-486-07

Anne Waldschmidt, Werner Schneider (Hg).Disability Studies, Kultursoziologie und Soziologie der Behinderung. Erkundungen in einem neuen Forschungsfeld

For the first time in German-speaking contexts, an encounter between the two sociologies of culture and of disability takes place in this interdisciplinary anthology. On the one hand, approaches to disability have until recently been dominated by the rehabilitation sciences. On the other hand, Critical Disability Studies originating from the USA and Great Britain has made it possible to understand disability as a social and cultural category that can help the discovery of key sociological terms such as knowledge, body, power, social inequality, interaction and biography in new ways. Drawing on the international discourse of Disability Studies, this collection of texts introduces a fundamental change of perspective on phenomena of embodied difference.

Anne Waldschmidt is Professor of Sociology and Politics of Rehabilitation, Disability Studies at the University of Cologne. Her main research interests are bio-politics, genetic testing and reproductive technologies, normality and deviance, the politics of rehabilitation, disability studies and discourse theory/discourse analysis.

Werner Schneider is Professor of Sociology at the University of Augsburg. His main research interests are knowledge and culture, medicine, technology and embodiment, dying and death, family and the life course, discourse theory and analysis.