Volume 2 (Dederich)

Markus Dederich: Bodies, culture and disability: An introduction to Disability Studies

Bielefeld: transcript
May 2007, 208 p.
20,80 Euro
ISBN: 978-3-89942-641-0

Markus Dederich: Körper, Kultur und Behinderung.Eine Einführung in die Disability Studies

This book is the first German-language introduction to Disability Studies from a cultural studies perspective. It illuminates how the “extraordinary body” is produced, represented and transformed within historically and culturally conditioned frameworks of interpretation, forms of knowledge and institutionalized practices. It invites interdisciplinary investigations in a complex field of discourses, theories and discussions, and illustrates its findings, among other things, through examples from the history of medicine and literature.

Markus Dederich is Professor of Theory of Rehabilitation and Disability in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Dortmund. His main research interests are (bio-)ethical questions in the context of disability, problems of inclusion and exclusion and Disability Studies.