Conference: ALTER 2018

Transforming practices and knowledge through the lens of disability: experiences, transmissions, training, organizations

Nowadays, the goals of inclusion and social participation that our societies have set for themselves involve a certain number of transformations. They affect primarily the various means of support for people with disabilities, but also the services which they benefit from, in which they operate, and more broadly, the public policies allowing such transformations. The social and political innovations necessary in this respect require new forms of experimentation, which will implicate everyone involved in the whole process: the people in question, professionals, associations, researchers, and policy makers. The production of knowledge and the development of the training program are integral parts of this process.

The 2018 ALTER conference aims at a better understanding of these developments and new interactions between practices, training, and knowledge acquisition required for the purpose. A confrontation of diverse experiences originating from various regions and socio-historical contexts will make it possible to focus on the important issues regarding this interaction.

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